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Lights Out is a minimalist "art game" of pursuit and escape in the dark for two players. Both are trapped in the Belle Époque mansion and each player, predator and prey, must use their light sources to find their way through the rooms and corridors. The predator must be quick and reach the prey before it escapes through one of the exits. However, if time runs out, both players lose. This game poses a question regarding players' perception and attitude. Will you hide in the darkness or show yourself with the light? Why is the predator after the prey? Is the prey in fact the victim? Or will it all end in a draw? But most importantly, does the player really want to "win" without truly knowing the consequences of his actions?


We did some modifications to the dialogues (specially concerning the ones that could unintendedly offend some religions) and put and option for the player to choose in which language (English or Brazilian Portuguese) to play.

Lights Out - Multilingual edition
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