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Lens is a first person exploration/puzzle game currently for Windows, with Mac OS and Linux builds coming in the near future. The game takes place on a mysterious island, where two parallel worlds are separated by a thin veil of reality. As the player, you are able to pierce through this veil, and look into this parallel world. This power is enabled by The Lens, an ancient artifact with unknown origins. The Lens also enables players to manipulate objects in both worlds, pushing and pulling objects between the two worlds to help solve puzzles and learn more about this mysterious island.

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Username51423 says

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Positively breathtaking. A stunning game with a beautiful story, and only a single bug that I've come across. IT is an incredible idea, perfectly executed and fashioned into a lovely game.


pabbajita says

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Splendide réalisation. Ce jeu mérite à être connu.


babaganoosh99 says

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