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Immersive first-person parkour in a surreal, physics-driven voxel world. Every move can modify the environment. Surfaces pop in and out of existence at will.

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Dank3yKang says

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Note, I've only played the demo (so far)

Nailed it. Like Mirror's edge but more fluid. Honestly ME2 could easily learn something from this game. Having the controls tied to the triggers works wonders since you can actually control the camera while hitting the jump/grab buttons.

Peaceful yet uneasy world, atmospheric sounds and such kinda reminiscent of Portal. Enemies give off a good weird/creepy vibe which matches well. Art direction matches the world created with kinda a Antichamber-esque minimalist style, but with better lighting.

Solid. Well built engine, looks great, easy to change performance settings, etc.

Still haven't even used the level editor or played the full game, but I definitely will. Don't really believe in giving 10s, but if I did this game would probably get one


SimpilFamily says

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