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There's a new mobile-based MMO in town, under development, for iPad©, iPhone©, iPod touch© and Android™ devices. Lands of Ammox is an MMORPG, with game-play and graphics optimized for Mobile.

You need an Android (Ice Cream Sandwich-MR1) or iPad2, iPhone4S (or later) or iPod touch 4 (or later) to play. Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac are on same servers.

Lands of Ammox is about two warring Factions in the Continent of Sivloreia. Your quests lead you to unlock its ancient pasts and to defend against the dark infestations that are plaguing Sivloreia.

You play either as a Royal Aristocrats or a Heroic Outlaws - as Warrior, Archer, Healer and Magician Class. You then choose to play as Humans, Elves, Orcs or Undead Race.

There are Town Hall (Forum), Folio, Mon Château, and 200+ page Compendium to seek for help.

To commence the game, you must first create an account in Mon Château. After that, login to this game. After registration, Mon Château will contain details of your profile, GM help correspondences, and all past purchases.

Lands of Ammox promises to wow awe impress you with beautiful graphics, well-designed game-play, a helpful GM team, and a detailed what-to-do and fun-loving community.

To get you started immediately, head through our easy-to-understand tutorials.

Do take note that Lands of Ammox is still under development. There is still much more developmental work and will be releasing polished beta to ensure everything is working smoothly. (Unlike our competitors!)

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Lore of the Lands of Ammox


Codex Lore, Lorem Impressum
The historical archives behind the Lands of Ammox.

What kind of game is this?
This is a fantasy MMO (Massively Multi-Player On-line) game. The game is currently available in computers and smart-devices (e.g., Android™ or iPad© or iPhone© or iPod touch©).

Is there a board game that I can buy?
No. There is no board game available as it would be just too boring to play.

The board game begets amusing questions such as:How would you possibly play as two Faction sides with 3 players?

Who would be the evil King? How do I simulate PvP (Player vs. Player fights) in a board game?

Would the game be over once the board-game is completed? Would players eventually act parts of the lore and in-game quests in real life?

Lore of the Lands of Sivloreia

The historians recorded the feuds and battles between four kingdoms. These four kingdoms were united and then divided into two warring Factions.
The four kingdoms of Sivloreia were constantly at war. Their names were lost through the passing of times. Sivloreia was razed by war and fell into an age of darkness under famine, constant hostilities and mysteries. Years of prosperity disappeared within a blink of an eye and the land now lay in ruin.

The First Ages
A long time ago, there lived a king who rule in an upright manner - just and impartial. His name was King Danvrudi and he reigned the four kingdoms of Sivloreia for fifty years.Under King Danvrudi, the four kingdoms of Sivloreia was united. He formed it into a peaceful and prosperous country. People recounted their times of happiness where there were continuous seasons of bountiful harvests, trade, and wealth.

In His youth, Danvrudi found a fair maiden famed for her poetry and her hand-crafted tapestry. Her name was Esmiraldiva, she eventually became His wife and received the title of Queen consort.

She bore two sons, Fonzurno and Thimyoz. Fonzurno was naughty, while Thimyoz was mischievous. They both caused causing grief and anguish to the King.

She ultimately passed away during the childbirth of their third child. The baby survived and she was named Merinyilm. To the king, she was a reminder of His wife and she became the jewel in His eyes.

Fonzurno, the eldest, was head-strong and wanted to succeed the throne. Thimyoz, on the other hand, was simple-minded and wanted to keep a simple life and to hold strong onto his father's traditions. Lastly, Merinyilm was well-loved by everyone. She was always the mediator between her quarrelling brothers and ensured peace was maintained at home.

As the time passed by, King Danvrudi grew fonder of Merinyilm and secretly decided that his successor will be Merinyilm. He secretly held a meeting with his trusted right hand man to redo His will. He disavowed his two sons from succeeding his throne, and He named his daughter Merinyilm as the next rightful ruler. No one else knew about this.

The truth was not revealed until the time of King Danvrudi's passing when the will was read in the presence of everyone. The princess did not attend because she was sent by her father to the Islands of Mew for the inauguration of a new school.

Both the princes were shocked at the revelation that their father had written them out from succeeding the throne.

Prince Fonzurno questioned the will and wondered if it was a sham, while Prince Thimyoz wondered if his father had left him any gold so as he could laze all day without being disturbed. As for Princess Merinyilm, she hadn't the slightest idea that she was next in line for the throne.

During Princess Merinyilm's absence, Prince Fonzurno ruled on behalf of his sister until her return and sent his brother, Prince Thimyoz, far north for official duties. For Prince Thimyoz, it was better that he commanded and ruled the armies in the northern regions of Sivloreia.

Up north, there were mines in the snow-lands where stones, minerals, and ore were extracted for Opals jewels, silvery Iridium armor, and sinewy Rhodiums.

Upon Princess Merinyilm's return, the Queen's Coronation took place and Princess Merinyilm was crowned Queen. For Prince Fonzurno, he starved for more power - the only way was to usurp the throne. The throne was rightfully his. He was the first born son and therefore the rightful king. To him, his father's will meant nothing. High taxes, strong armies, and ruling with an iron-fist were things in his mind.

Five seasons after the Queen's coronation, disaster struck in the Northern lands, two mines had caved in due to an avalanche. Citizens from nearby villages were called to help in the search for survivors. It was so grave that Queen Merinyilm personally went there to give her support in the aid.

This time, in Queen Merinyilm's absence, Prince Fonzurno seized this golden opportunity for a coup with his loyal followers and to usurp the throne. He called for a coup with his loyal followers. Now, with his sister out of the way, he was able to finally able to sit on the throne to rule.Without Queen Merinyilm's direction, her Royal Army loyal fled north from the capital to secure Her safety.

For the days to follow, Prince Fonzurno declared himself king and called his sister a wicked witch, guilty of death for treason upon the Lands of Sivloreia and any supporters will face death.

The citizens in the Lands were stunned. To them, Prince Fonzurno was a wayward Prince while Queen Merinyilm was the best person to rule. Most did not want to renounce their support and fled for their lives.

The Second Ages

There was bloodshed upon the Lands of Sivloreia. The Kingdom was split into two Factions. From the two Factions, the Royal Aristocrats and the Heroic Outlaws arose from the long arduous battles. Both were of equal strength against each other.

The Royal Aristocrats Faction ruled by the self-proclaimed King Fonzurno, thirsty for blood and bent on declaring a war, and the Heroic Outlaws, ruled by Queen Merinyilm, filled with compassion and hope for the future.

King Fonzurno wanted to rule the entire Kingdom and therefore waged a war against the other Faction.

Suddenly, all the peace and prosperity stopped on both Factions. Merchants were forced to pay higher taxes or be imprisoned. Sons were called to serve their Factions.

Neighbors, suspicious of each other, kept quiet. Any misfortune was attributed to the Queen's doing. It was a convenient way for one neighbor to take over their neighbor's belongings and lands through treachery.

Torture were carried out to extract false confessions against each Factions.

The Royal Aristocrats
For the Kingdom of Ammox! The old Sivloreia shall be called Ammox. The old are relics of the past and must be placed aside!

The Heroic Outlaws
For Kingdom without a Tyrant King! The rightful ruler belongs to Queen Merinyilm. Restore the just ways!

Sivloreia grew more and more isolated. Years passed in the Lands of Ammox and all was forgotten...

The Third Ages
You arrived by ship towards the new Lands previously unexplored.You were accompanied by others onboard who were seeking for an adventure of great exploration. The travels took months.

There were times when the sea was so stormy that one would think that is nothing to look forward to.It was told that on this ancient land, strange people and things, and magical beings can be found.

What became of those who came earlier?

In your exploration on this new Lands, you were split into two parties, one that headed east and another that headed west.

You followed those who went west. Two weeks later, you learned that the other party disappeared without a trace.

Your team was split one more time to check what happened in the east, and they disappeared too.

Where did they go?

Are they dead?

Did they need help?

Did they get lost?

Your adventure beings...

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