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Labyrinth is a 3D horror game that takes place in a randomly generated maze filled with monsters. Escape the maze to win.

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It can hardly call it a game. One texture, no gameplay and no sound. Slender deserves better copies than this.


NightSshadeGaming says

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The game isn't bad, it has it's atmosphere. Mazes are always scary with the right sounds. About the sounds, you did a good job, but it could be better. Add some sounds when the monster is close to you, that will make the player think twice before going around the corner. Also, in some cases the monsters are in the way to the exit, making it impossible to beat the game. That's a minus. On the other hand, the monster itself looks AMAZINGLY CREEPY... You did a perfect job on creating this thing xD 9/10 would be my rating :) Good game.

pretty simple right now, but the planned features seem fun


great game


Thezylaboy says

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I like loved the wait for a monster to kill you around the corners and had a nice pacing to the game


aboorox says

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HOLY CRAP this game is freaking awesome. Turning every corner is extremely intense and scary. I constantly find myself turning around to check for monsters as well. With the upcoming ideas this is a very promising game.

Replay value 9/10 (10/10 after updates)
suspense (10/10)
scaryness (10/10)

overall (9/10)

This game is an amazing idea. It's terribly suspenseful and extremely scary, and leaves you in fear of turning every corner. With some promising new features coming up, this game is definitely going to be the next Slender. Definitely a must try, if you're not afraid of nightmares.


steveg3 says

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It's really simple right now, but for what it is, the suspense still scared me, and the sudden moment when you see the monster poke his head out ^_^


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