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Immerse yourself in a unique and challenging underground adventure! Knytt Underground is the latest iteration in the critically acclaimed Knytt series. It takes place in the same universe as Knytt Stories, the renowned indie game from Nicklas Nygren, a.k.a. 'Nifflas'. Each room in the huge map offers a small challenge to overcome using the unique tried and tested mechanics that have already reached over 1 million fans worldwide. Blending zen-like gameplay; enjoy an unparalled sense of freedom by running, jumping, climbing, swinging and bouncing. Knytt Underground delivers a unique and captivating, platform adventure experience allowing you to explore over 1,800 rooms and complete multiple story-driven quests.

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cst003 says

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Fantastic continuation of the Knytt series. Great exploration based gameplay and the graphics of the caverns are sheer beauty.


TJF588 says

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First couple chapters blow by, but the third is so expansive, and for all the cussing-inductive challenges scattered about, you're given no more than what is learned in those first chapters, and I'm compelled to push through each one as I encounter them, tricking me at first blush and turning me red with execution, and further pressed to explore everywhere I can, scratching by brain to determine circumvention of obstacles, often achieved by the former challenges.

The story itself, most technically, is nearly bereft of typos. Besides, its simple character art belies their harsh speech and harsher subject matter, which is deftly approached at times, sometimes stating the point rather between spoken lines, with some characters complementing with their own realizations, building each other in the process. So far, I've had Cilia speak on Mi's behalf, and though she fluxes in how crass she is, an interesting little character shows through it all.

On my second play session, I had the game booted up for around eleven hours, and I still have an entirely empty portion of the map. While there are some mechanical snags (on the PS3 version, there is a sensitivity to joystick release, resulting in a poor timed about-face, and Mi has been seen to catch on slopes), this game does some things very rather right, particularly in providing a Metroidvania map experiences without character upgrades.

This game is amazing. It's absolutely gorgerous, plus I've always been a sucker for games focused on exploration, and Nicklas is a master of that. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out it actually has a lot of characterisation, which was rather unexpected after the pretty much wordless Knytt and Knytt Stories.


Nifflas is one of developer whose game you will recognise from foirst sight.
And this game one of which games too.
Beutiful visual art, nice music, a lot of exploearation.
Its nice to see, that Nifflas is evolving too.
Only one thing stopped me from 10 mark - i love original Knytt visual style better.

I remember being somewhat disappointed with Saira, but I think Knytt Underground constitutes Nifflas's return to his best form. This is essentially the best parts of Within a Deep Forest, Knytt and Knytt Stories rolled into one. The controls aren't as responsive as I would have liked, but otherwise I find the game quite good. Also, I was inordinately impressed when Mi met Nifflas and a remix of "North & South" started playing.


Fantastic graphics and a lovely sound track really help this game, as does the nimbleness of your character and the special abilities she can use. I feel this game is shaping up to be something special.

Nifflas is the king of atmospheric puzzle-platformers. Knytt Underground is just another step up in the ladder to gaming perfection. The only flaw with this game, is that it has to end.


A must play for any fans of Metroid or the later Castlevania titles. There is so much to explore and see in Knytt Underground, and there's even a pretty solid story, too, despite the mute protagonist. Plenty of memorable characters, a beautiful soundtrack, and lush backgrounds all sweeten the deal.


The graphics are spectacular for such a game, and the puzzles are always just hard enough, not too much, just right.


... (if you liked Seiklus, Knytt or Knytt Stories, you'll love this one!)

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Fantastic continuation of the Knytt series. Great exploration based gameplay and the graphics of the caverns are sheer beauty.

Apr 12 2013 by cst003