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Kismet is a unique Virtual Reality fortune-telling experience releasing in April, 2016. Seated across a table from an enchanted automaton with the power to see the future in the Cards and the Stars, you’ll be transported to a place where magic is real. Named after the mysterious fortune-teller at its core, Kismet is an experience inspired by the mystic arts of tarot and astrology, brought to life in a beautifully detailed, handmade, gothic style, unlike anything else available in VR.

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Psyop, a digital content creator responsible for CG trailers, advertising, and now games, is looking to make something different for virtual reality. It has seen what VR is currently offering - first-person shooters, spaceship simulators, and other existing high-octane genres translated to the platform - and isn't interested in following that trend.

To that end, Kismet is a VR fortune telling game, in which the player sits in the detailed, gothic abode of the eponymous fortune teller and has their future read. The game features animated cards inspired by real life Tarot decks, which are combined to predict your past, present and possible future.

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But that's not the only type of fortune-telling Kismet is capable of. She can also read the stars, and will transform her abode into a kind of astral observatory to do so. You can input your date of birth, and Kismet will tell you about your Zodiac sign (Pisces, here!) and then read your future. The game actually utilises the current date, so each day your fortune can be different.

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Psyop adds:

"Kismet was designed as a broadly inviting experience meant to provoke thought and discussion and appeal to a wide audience who may otherwise find VR overwhelming."

Kismet will launch sometime this month for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but will also be coming to PlayStation VR after the headset launches in October of this year.

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PsyOp demonstrates an impressive potential for crafting heartwarming mystical universes with a virtual fortune telling adventure called KISMET. We are looking forward to using this title as part of our core VR introductory demo set when introducing people to the technology. Kismet is both a meaningful and poetic exploration for newcomers and enthusiasts alike. Greatly looking forward to what the future holds from this indie studio.

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