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A Naruto-Like role-play based MMORPG. View gallery for infos.. Visit us at www.jutsuonline.co

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Interesting, one of a kind concept of creating an Game around Role-Play, rather than basing Role-Play around a Game. Draws from forum-type RPs and very much has captured the essence of "play-by-post", be it in confrontations, bios, and all forms of character interactions, with the added benefit of having the typical MMORPG style very much in play and allowing players to earn to buy spells (Jutsu) and then utilise them in PvP and PvE scenarios.


Been with the game for a while now. The development has been extremely impressive. If you're looking for a fun and exciting Naruto experience. This is the place.


Great game that I've lost countless hours to. Highly recommended!

Great game with a ton of future potential, too.


I put in around a day and a half to this. I think it is a great game, I found a few bugs, made a few friends, oh! And met a few god moders that were doing really dumb stuff that actually do not fit in with the Naruto universe. Beyond that I really did enjoy this, and I did donate to it simply because I thought it was nice. I plan on taking a break from it and returning after said break. But do be warned, the progression in the game is incredibly slow. And the majority of people in the game are nice from what I met of the community. Fun to RP with. I have only met two people I genuinely did not like. God moders that wave their "I've played this game longer than you" card as if that makes them cool. I positively hate people that do that. Hopefully I never see them again.

Amazing long term project with a lot of effort shown.


best rp-pvp experience ever


Killed a bunch of Ninjas. Drowned in the Bath House 10/10

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