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You're an engineer who lost his entire fortune overnight. You've been forced to leave your home and start from scratch. Explore the game world, build settlements, and create alliances with other players. You'll never be bored again!

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Hey all, here is the new content update for our survival/city building game.

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Hey, gamers.

I know I promised we will have some of the automatic stations ready but sadly we didn't make it for this update. As we know a lot of people were loving it so we please for little more time to get everything ready :D

Till then here is a lot of new tools, a place for exploration, some of the stations, and a lot of bug fixes.

In the last 2 updates were a lot of preparation for an upcoming update which should connect everything up and make this closer to what it was before :)

- dedicated server updated


- Added - Thatch chest

- Added - Wooden chest

- Added - Multirecipe crafting
- Added - Composter
- Added - Vertical connector
- Added - Horizontal connector
- Added - Copper ore depo
- Added - Copper ore
- Added - Copper nugget

- Added - Tin ore depot
- Added - Tin ore
- Added - Tin nugget

- Added - Bronze legure - a mix of copper and tin
- Added - Copper Pickaxe head

- Added - Bronze Pickaxe head

- Added - Copper Hammer head

- Added - Bronze Hammer head

- Added - Copper Axe head

- Added - Bronze Axe head

- Added - Copper Pickaxe

- Added - Bronze Pickaxe

- Added - Copper Axe

- Added - Bronze Axe

- Added - Copper Hammer

- Added - Bronze Hammer

- Added - Copper Nails

- Changed - Map updates

- Changed - Temp in the kiln is now related to lid open/close
- Changed - Schefflera model
- Changed - Tanning rack now requires a knife to process goods
- Changed - Woodworks now requires axe to process goods
- Changed - Arrow recipe now crafts only 1 arrow instead of 3
- Changed - Axe/Pickaxe/Hammer/Nails mold can now also accept copper and tin
- Changed - Iron nails model

- Changed - Removed cloth recipe from workstation
- Changed - Iron can now be found only in a cave

- Fixed - Furnace eats the whole stack
- Fixed - Kiln lid
- Fixed - Some village houses are missing collision boxes
- Fixed - Flax is listed in the Craftable's category on the I menu on Sandbox it should be on Items
- Fixed - Iron Hammer Not visible in nearby
- Fixed - Floating Stream
- Fixed - Splitting stacks only works if [Shift][Left-Click-Drag] to world
- Fixed - Leather Stripe is misspelled
- Fixed - Arrow crafting should give 5 arrows per craft gives 1
- Fixed - Cooking a stack of food does not cook all members of the stack, but the stack says that is cooked
- Fixed - Double-clicking a stack of edibles from the inventory will consume the whole stack but only giving the benefit of one item
- Fixed - Cooked items never cools down
- Fixed - Cant interact with wooden bed sphere
- Fixed - Crusher doesn't have a move option

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