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You are stranded on an island, and here you can do quests for the inhabitants, level up your character, build whatever you want, play with cool weapons and much more. Your goal is however to find a way off the island and find out how you got there. As mentioned, you can build, craft, and you can also manipulate the island's terrain.

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I love your island escape games i have been playing them since 2010 to 2020 these games were my childhood, and i am looking forward to you makeing more game like these thank you!


its very nostalagic game

While maybe not the prettiest, extremely robust and fun.

Game Concept is good but, it has not been executed well. The features are quite good.

the game is really promising

The concept reminds me a lot of the TV series Lost.
The game features include combat, quests, crafting and exploration.
This game is still in alpha and still requires some work but could be very fun indeed once it is complete.

See my Video Review Here: Youtube.com

It's fun to some people to buy games from the internet like 30 percent off, but every day before 5th january it's one cent more expensive! But the game is awesome, so 2 minutes and 36 seconds lost buying this game were better than playing a ******* demo =p.10 out of 10.Good work!


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