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Infinity Random Race is a procedural racing game with car-gundam transformation. The objective is to get to the end of the race first, without dying in the meantime. You have weapons available acquired as powerups. The innate ability to absorb other players energy is necessary to transform into a mighty gundam and fly over the adversaries.

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You'll play for hours without realizing it, is a very addictive game :)


Jugarás durante horas sin darte cuenta, es un juego muy adictivo :)


Its a amazing game!


The game was an unplayable mess. The cars had swerved like crazy when driving straight and it was too easy to get knocked arround. The world disappearing affects were choppy and inconsistant. There was also little direction for how to work the menus. The game was anything but fun for me.


Horrible physics, fiddly controls (even with 360 controller). But it sure has potential it's just not yet playable.


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I havent seen a worse execution of a decent idea in a WHILE
It desperately needs someone who thinks "user experience", "gameplay design" and "interface design" is a thing, not just fancy words.
Also, controls are so horrible, I'd rather jam my gamepad in the black hole than play this again.

I love the transofming.Just ramp and high ari,and it's like in action movies!


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