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Ironfell is a time travel themed massive multi-player online real time strategy (MMORTS) game. You begin with a single Explorer, thrown back in time to a safe green valley surrounded by mountains. You collect resources, build technology, and create armies to conquer new lands... or simply meander around, planting flowers in picturesque mountain valleys. The game is set in a 2D hexagon tiled universe, divided into separate realms. Each realm can be a mountain valley, a large island or even an whole ocean with many new types of realm planned for the future. This structure allows all players to be in the same universe (no shards), but for the game to be scalable, with realms hosted on separate server instances.

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This expansion doubles the number of units in Ironfell and introduces two new resources to fight for. Oil seeps out of the ground in existing PVP realms and Engineers can build pump jacks to collect that oil. Electricity is generated slowly by Windmills and quickly by Oil generators. Inventors can build Time Machines that give you access to 65 million years ago where dinosaurs roam.

The new dinosaurs include rare Tyrannosaurus who can clear 100's of swordsman but fair poorly against masses of the new Riflemen units. Small Oryctodromeus can dig burrows between prehistoric realms. Ultrasaurus and Diplodocus are two herbivorous dinosaurs who eat the new larger multi-stage Wollemia trees and pass the seeds allowing you to grow more trees where you need them.

Ironfell is free to play on Mac OSX, Windows, Browser and Android. All platforms connect to the same massive, persistent universe consisting of 75,000 realms packed with 3.5 million user controlled units.

In the next few days DataSmugglers will announce an indiegogo kick starter to fund the next expansion - Space!

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