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Ultherst was once a peaceful, God-fearing land until the Three Scourges of God came to pass as foretold by Saint Ezekiel, one of the twelve followers of the First Prophet. First came the famine that devastated the populace. Next came the plague that added more unfortunate souls on Death’s abacus. Finally came the great rain of fire, and death fell down on sinner and innocent alike, blood flooding the streets in place of water. The people, in their desperation, turned away from the Holy Mother Church and delved deep into pagan decadence or succumbed to the temptation of the Devil. You have been charged with the office of Inquisitor. It is up to you to investigate crimes against the one true faith and root out heresy--using any and all means necessary. Inquisitor is a unique blend of action-oriented combat with a deep and involving tale of betrayal, torture, madness, and infernal damnation.

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from what i have played of it, it could be better, that is why an 8

an allready good game could be great with a few changes, im sure i dont need say what


Not for everyone. An outstanding game. Not the best RPG game-play you can get. The story is amazing but the translation can be quite cheeky at times. I played the game to follow its story line and not because of its incredibly unforgiving, sort of bad RPG game-play experience.
This is a very well balanced RPG game. Brings back the classic Gothic RPG game style, like Diablo 2; Lionheart Legacy of the Crusader; Fallout1, 2 etc.


One of the best RPG.


очень хорошая игра в стиле диаблы. Мне понравилась, разраб молодец!


true old shool meet new inquisitor-like gameplay

1st the village: detailled dialogue, nice story, you gather some quests, buy some stuff, kill some enemies around, a partener; everything seems great
then you go out, there's about 7 location...and you realise you have no clue, no hints, nothing that can guide you where to begin; you pick a randome location....and you'll die!
Every monster is a challenge(2 monster usually mean death) and poison will most of your adventures, potion will ruin your economies because your partner is very thirsty. Most enemies will give you negative conditions with cooldwons up to 3 minutes! Oo'
i'm actually 12 and my paladin still suck, i'm still trying to gather experience on "not so hard" monsters; i didn't resolve any quest cause it's impossible to go deep in a dungeon, spider's poison still ruin me because a scale mail/large shield/defne.ce skill is still not enough to prevent them to hit me!
Maybe i should try another game in easy mode but actually i regret my money spent


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