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Infestation Survivor Story (formerly known as The War Z) is the world's first survival MMO in a zombie infested world. You may have played games before - now it's time to live one.

Key Features

  • Combination of First-Person and Third Person Perspectives
  • Meld of PVE (Player versus Environment) and PVP (Player versus Player)
  • Safe Settlements where Players can access their global inventory
  • Create your own Clans
  • Reputation system – Choose to become a lawman or bandit
  • Leave Messages for friends in the game world with a time capsule
  • Immersive environment with unique and spine chilling sound effects
  • Huge variation of melee and firearm weapon types
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Comments  (0 - 10 of 116)
hkornel - - 1 comments

Check my project!

The original WarZ, updated! Better gameplay! Come and try it!

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Predator009 - - 72 comments

This game could be a lot better if the developers actually cared about the project...This has potential but it must be worked on...

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Twillza - - 21 comments

XD Finally a new map, the strongholds they promised over a year ago, and vehicles. LMAO! Took these thieves long enough to do a darn thing.

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Coolariko - - 42 comments

Game is not that bad anymore. Most people yelling about scam and etc haven't tried it themselves I guess. I've been playing this for like 200hours total and I gotta admit it. After you learn to play this this is good. So more you play, more you like it.

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darkreaper_44 - - 23 comments

why be hating on nether, its doing really well imo dayz is filled with hackers atm so i wont bother trying it.
None the less all games are the same in their own ways, all adventure games all shooters, all survival, ect ect yada yada. Same **** different day. hate if u must like if u will.
to each is own.

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.JAS - - 488 comments

I was wondering why this game was on my list of updates. Sorry, changing the name isn't going to save it.

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Jetcutter - - 755 comments

Waste of money. I usually support most game projects. These guys are blatant Thieves!

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Guest - - 688,804 comments

Since artemis joined alot has happened, but i agree, i feel as if money has not really been well spent, wel...not yet anyway haha!

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billhilly - - 215 comments

me and my brother bought this load of ****

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TheUnbeholden - - 3,599 comments

Warz = Nether... They are trying to scam people again. Charging $30 for whats basically, barely a tech demo. Theres no real content there, just some polished graphics, a enemy or 2 and players shooting each other. Its so disappointing and they are obviously going to promise people lots of stuff and not deliver yet again...
they failed their kickstarter but managed to get backed by the same shareholders as Warz, the trademark name Nether was registered by the same guy that registered Warz, CEO of Arktos Sergey Titov.

Oh god the cycle continues.. its another god damn barely playable FPS survival Dayz clone.

If you think Hammerpoint are done with bad practice? No, they are also censoring critique of their product..

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TheUnbeholden - - 3,599 comments

ah ****, they are also censoring Steam reviews. Hummuluis got his detailed/fair review taken down. Steam has to stop this bad practice of allowing devs to delete negative reviews!

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