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This is the Beta version of my FPS game that I created with Unity3D. You can watch game's newest video in my Youtube channel. TprHaydutlarOyunStd Game is about war between Turkish military and invader forces. But this is only Beta so there is just 2 playable chapters. "Game is Turkish only for now" As soon as I start new chapters on the game, I will make the English version of Beta. But you do not need to have Turkish to play the game actually, there is only a few speeches and commands in Turkish. I will make a walkthrougs of the chapters in English in here. But first Inputs : W-A-S-D : Walk E : Pick Up Ammo G : Throw Grenade F : Flashlight Left Mouse : Fire Right Mouse : Aim Shift : Sprint * be careful, sprint system has problems so do no mess with it too much and do not try to run in first 5 seconds of a new chapter & scene. 1-2 : Switch Weapon

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