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Humans, Demons, Elves and Undead coexist peacefully on the same continent until the balance was broken: A fallen prince of the human kingdom accepted the contract with Undead, and evil spirits arose from the hell to cloud the minds of most creatures.

In such a critical situation, you are appointed by the King as a new lord with the duty to gather new heroes to fight against the darkness.

One of the elders secretly tell you a secret that the energy of heroes can be combined.

And the High Priest creates a device to duplicate heroes. All duplicates have no feelings or minds.

With all these, you are going to prepare yourself for monsters, fallen heroes, and other competitive lords.

  • An idle PRG game
  • A game combining SLG and idle mechanism
  • A casual game where you can just idle and progress
  • Dozens of unique heroes with amazing skills
  • Enhance them regularly to win more battles
  • Four fractions that can be strategically combined
  • A big complicated world map full of challenges

  • Choose from the four roles available and interact with other players around the world
  • Build your own best formation! Have you seen the formation with 5 identical heroes?
  • Remember to upgrade buildings regularly that produce tons of free resources every day
  • Experience various gameplays including world exploration, random events and treasure maps

  • We are intended to create an interesting idle 3D RPG game for our fans. Every hero is designed to be unique.
  • We hope you can enjoy fun while playing the game in your spare time, so it won’t be a hardcore nor a P2W game.
  • PVP elements are cut down to the extent that cooperation is more important than competition among different players.
  • Of course, there is a more aggressive game mode available for PVP lovers.
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Click to download: Store.steampowered.com

Idle Big Devil is a next-gen IDLE game with 3D graphics. It can be downloaded for FREE on Steam. The aim of the game is to collect and assemble a group of Heroes and to continuously improve and equip them with new items. Progress in the campaign mode, tower of infinity and many other modes to be rewarded with powerful Artifacts, Equipment or Set Items
Dozens of heroes to collect from 5 different factions, each with unique skills. Summon them, train them to become more powerful and beat various contents like challenges, explorations or arena.

You also can join or create a Guild, gather friends and allies to conquer towns, castles and dungeons on the world map. Improve your castle and buildings, fight mighty bosses or other players to get the best rewards.

Name: Idle Big Devil

Discord: Discord.gg

Store link: Store.steampowered.com

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