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The world of nightmares is mysterious and amazing, it scares and fascinates at the same time. The laws of real world are not valid in here. Here you are absolutely alone and it seems there are too many secrets to reveal... And this dreadful feeling as if somebody is constantly watching you. What if you become filled with the nightmares and the only chance to save yourself are the memories - the only thing that connects you with the real world. The fragments from your real life are in danger – so is your future! Protect the memories by any means, otherwise it's all over. I am weapon - is a game, comprising all the best from Action and Tower Defense genres - destroy the monsters, improve the skills, buy new weapons and build up defense constructions, that will help you to get out of the dream world and understand the reasons of what has happened. You got used to see them in a circus and laugh at them. So now it all changed the other way round. Don't let them laugh at you!

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Hmm. It just the movement of the character is not natural. And the graphics is kind of heavy and not keeping up with the gameplay. But it is still playable

game keeps freezing after few minutes of playing and no answer from the devs, sadly


Perfect gameplay, perfect style, perfect music.


A fun, frantic, and action packed game that seems to be poorly optimized. I have had this game crash on me many times and it runs slow in and out while playing. With the amount of action going on this is a big problem. I hope to see these adressed as this is a fun game. I would easily recommend it to any shooter fan once the bugs are worked out.


I got this game for cheap and not expected much...so, well, it is as i expected - mix of shoot em up, crowds of enemies and not much usefull towers.
Camera is strange, art is so so, feels really lazily made.
Game itself is pretty much not optimized, loading of levels for a long time.
Main character looks like grotesque mix of Serious Sam and Postal dude, but game not even a bit close to them.

Basically, this game not worth it. Its maybe ok to play one time and forget forever, through.

If you see it on huge sale, for 1$, try it. But spend your 10$ for something more interesting.

In any way i dont see why to choose this game over some another game-with-same-price like Resonance and even Grotesque tactics.


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