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A tough survival-arcade-shooter-RPG-whatever. Avoid enemies and deflect missiles around to score points. The game's more detailed mechanics will unfold themselves to you as you play. Free to download and receives updates every so often.

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Second update to HYPERSUPER CANNON. Mostly tweaks, fixes, and some more polish.

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  • Added encyclopedia and settings buttons to shop window
  • Added tooltips for shops and encyclopedia
  • Added shadows for things displayed on interface boxes
  • Added compression of resource files, dropping game size by around 400k bytes
  • Changed encyclopedia menu to something more neat
  • Changed records screen a little
  • Changed missile particle trail to be larger
  • Changed shop window layout around, randomized the greeting, and made it appear with a little more flair
  • Changed point award popups to not require the score viwer
  • Changed missile speed cap to always be 8 instead of 1-5
  • Changed speedup rate of missiles to increase more gradually as opposed to in bursts
  • Changed the way missile guard works entirely; builds a damage-negating charge of phantomHP*0.1*combo when destroying phantoms, cap raises by 10 per upgrade
  • Changed base price of missile guard from 0 to 10, mainly to discourage early-game buying where it's hardly useful
  • Changed price of missile scanner from 5 to 3
  • Fixed missile speed not resetting when bouncing off blocks
  • Fixed crash when selected fullscreen mode is unsupported by the display
  • Fixed displaced deflector when canceling out shop warp with right click + displaced cursor at the start of auto-warp
  • Fixed encyclopedia still IDing deflector as H01, cannons as H00, and phantoms as E0x
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