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A tough survival-arcade-shooter-RPG-whatever. Avoid enemies and deflect missiles around to score points. The game's more detailed mechanics will unfold themselves to you as you play. Free to download and receives updates every so often.

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First update to HYPERSUPER CANNON released. Content, tweaks, and fixes.

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  • Included a very minimal "HOW TO PLAY" HTML file for beginners.
  • Warps are now used instantly from the pause screen instead of going into that redundant preparation phase.
  • Swapped order of cannon and deflector in encyclopedia listing.
  • New upgrade for keeping missiles partially alive after being outpowered.
  • Replaced the reward for "enemies destroyed".
  • Combos are now shared between missiles, and the score viewer displays the current combo on the deflector.
  • Better particle effect when destroying enemies.
  • Made the SAV file more forward compatible; this should be the last save-breaking version unless some major overhaul happens in the future.
  • Linux: Fixed the slight sound delay.
  • Linux: Found a workaround for the unwanted teleport after unpausing.
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