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One day, in a land know as "Invertuba" the Devil Dragon launched an attack! The creatures that inhabited Invertuba were no match for his minions! The Devil Dragon cast a spell that placed mazes everywhere to stop anyone from attempting to stop him! Invertuba needs a hero before it is too late! That hero is you! Venture into the land of Invertuba in the form as an arachnid. Travel through the mazes and avoid the monsters, but if that isn't challenging enough then there are quizes the Devil Dragon scattered about and you need to answer the questions correctly using the knowledge you find in the mazes! There are countless mazes for you to explore! Can you explore them all? And can you save Invertuba? Game features: Over 40 mazes filled with challenges and fun! Increase your knowledge on arachnids with the quizes at the end of each world. Discover knowledge in the levels that you then use in the quizes! Play as a Spider or a Scorpion! Amazing music and graphics by Enterbrain!

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" Hmmm... Isn't it Ironic that the first few commenters account's were created the same day the comments were made as for the rating, not to mention they haven't been active at all since the creation of the account. Don't forget these accounts happen to be in his "fan group".

Not be to rude, but uhh... something is a bit fishy here. I'll be blunt and just say it, Stop with the fake ratings/comments, you won't get anywhere if you just pretend... "

I wasn't going to give this a one, because I haven't played it, but now that you deleted my comment and in fact you are giving fake reviews to yourself to make yourself look better... just no.

Maps are made by default RPG MAKER VX ACE RTP and done terribly. Maps are empty and looks bland compared to other RPG MAKER games that are free. Gameplay is questionable from the video... To be honest I'm not entirely sure why you are selling this.

This game is amazing! It has a good game speed, the graphics look retro and the music is great! HUNT! is addictive once you get stuck into it and the difficulty level is just right! Well done on your 1st indie game MCOD1999.


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Ok so after finishing HUNT! I have to give it a 10! All off the little details add up and the final boss was so epic! I felt relied on! Well done!


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