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You play as Norman Chambers, a man who has lost his mind due to the death of his one true love. Game begins with you waking up alone in an old dark hotel room. You must explore the long creepy corridors in search for answers to why you are there and how you can get out. But unfortunately completing this task becomes more difficult as expected, as you face the many horrors in which this hotel holds. This is my first game and I was originally planning to work on it in my free time, but now I have decided to make it for a college project. This means it must be completed by May which is quite a short time frame. So this may make the game a bit rushed, which is bad but also good since I am known to procrastinate. I am going to try my best to update this weekly, thanks for reading :)

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By far one of the best horror games i have even played in my life. Even for such a short game it was brutally intensifying and heart pounding.

Was recommended by one of my friends who wanted to watch me with my webcam on while playing the game and myself thinking it would be an awful game. I was very wrong.

Saving the link of this game so i can send others of my friends also for them to play it at another day

10/10 Best horror game ive played since outlast


Absolutely superb. Instantly drawn in to it, suspenseful to the point I leapt out of my chair a couple of times. Made my friend download and play it on camera so I could laugh at him. (sorry about T-bag)

Well done dev.

Great game, some cliche moments like the baby crying but still very scary. I really wish the game was a bit longer as I enjoyed every moment of this, and unfortunately it is very rare that a horror game comes out and is good (because most of them are now just FNAF remakes!). I hope that you make another game just as good if not better, and which lasts a bit longer.

My let's play of the game: Youtube.com



(Short psychological/atmospheric Horror)

Great :-)

This game is near perfect.
Without a doubt, one of the games that most left me hooked from the very start. The dev has an incredible talent in story telling without ever using tools like character development or plot exposition in the traditional way. With the way he built this world, there's no need for it. The dark corners of your mind will fill in all the gaps needed. And that is the mark of true Horror.
The graphics are beautiful, and despite the lack of user friendly options to tweak them at a deep level, the game runs perfectly.
The sound design is spot on, from the melody to the sound effects. Nothing in this game feels like an "extra". All elements in it are the bare essentials and anything added would be unnecessary. That is the mark of technical perfection.
Don't worry about there being no "Save Game" options if you die and start again. The length of the trip more that justifies it.
This is one of those (very, very few) that will leave you wanting a whole deal more, because it is that good.
The only 2 reasons I am not awarding it a straight 10 are: resort to one or two jump scares (fortunately used in places where the experience is not ruined), and the length of the trip. I loved this world so much that I wanted more of it. Much, much more.

To the dev: Fantastic work, I thank you for it. The rating (9) I gave to "Hotel Remorse" is the result of looking at it solely as it is, a video game. It is not considering that this was your 1st game (I'm impressed beyond description) or that you had a tight deadline for its submission as a college project. Taking these 2 factors into account would definitely award you a 10. However, personally of course, the jump scare(s) do prevent me from going higher. Mostly because, gosh, it is plain to see that you know what real, true Horror, means. You know how to build it, and you know how to put people in it, sumerged in it. I believe (hope) you know that jump scares are not what Horror means. If we compare Horror to Comedy, jump scares to Horror is what Adam Sandler is to Comedy, if you know what I mean.
Thank you dude, you sir are awesome. The Real deal.

P.S. T-Bag rules.


It was short and perfect. Nice story great scares and really well done. Check out my vid to see me get scared. Youtube.com


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