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Your goal is simple, but challenging: build the biggest pile of gold that you can! Every action you take will have an effect on your score in this “stratecade” game that 1UP observes “hides a surprising layer of complexity and strategy.” To be the best, you’ll need to fly deftly, upgrade smartly, and use powerups to your advantage. Most of all, you’ll need to control the kingdom around you: Burn the crops to the ground or let them grow? Keep towns in ruins or let them flourish? In HOARD, the dragon is in charge.

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Lots of fun, good addons.


HOARD is an excellent, simple game that piles on both the furious action that borders on the "bullet hell" genre and the little RPG elements that makes games addicting. This game is a blast both singleplayer and multiplayer (I am a huge fan of both the co-op and versus).

You'll get a solid 5-10 hours from this little game (a good value at its retail of $10). With the only downsides being it doesn't have a single player campaign and is a surprisingly big resource hog. However given these minor downsides I would still heartily recommend this fast-paced arcade style game.


Hoard reminds me of an 80's arcade game: Dragon Spirit.

Where you play a dragon flying around to save a princess from some dude.

Hoard is a lot of fun.

Burning crops, villages, carts, wagons, knights, castles.
Most any game where you can burn everything to the ground is fun.

Where Hoard shines is the strategy. Collecting gold, using powerups, increasing stats, and using various game elements to win.

Graphics and audio are both excellent.

So, why did I take away 2 from a perfect 10?

1 - tweaks & configs

Damn load screen does not remember jack! If you are playing treasure mode on a selected map as a red dragon - when you exit back to the load menu...it freaking forgets that. You have to set all 3 options every time.

And there are no tweaks. You cant modify timings, percentages, change the music (guess I'll have to go old school, turn off the music and find my own soundtrack...but that wont sync with the game) - at least the game tune is pleasant. You cant modify controls either besides selecting which to use...Hello big sandwich, keyboard and mouse users like to reconfigure things.

Which leads to:

2 - no SDK or mod kit

I suppose being mostly an FPS guy with respect to modern games, I expect map making tools, and easy graphics and sound changes. Perhaps this was designed as a console game - but when you release on PC, I have some expectations.

Where could the game be improved? (Say in Hoard 2.0...)

Music and background themes relating to: the game type and weather theme.
And selectable run tracks - including import your own.

Configurable controls, and tweaks for single player.
Tweaked games of course would only be on a local leaderboard and not the online one.

Map maker and graphics packs.

But for me the big one would be - more heads on the dragon!
Check out the pics for dragon spirit - powerups give you 2 or 3 heads.

Hoard is well worth the full price, but if its on sale or in a bundle, just grab it.

Pas assez de possibilités! Ultra répétitif!


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