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Hexagram is an RPG adventure where you are stated in a prophecy that you are to defeat the rogue god, Titus. You start off as a normal villager, growing crops, talking with friends and a local face. Life couldn't get any more ordinary. Then, your life is changed forever as a portal opens up to another dimension and you are transported to a strange land where you go on an EPIC QUEST to find the Legendary Hexagram. You must find, and use this Hexagram and combine it with the 6 Gems of Dimentica and defeat Titus once and for all! Can you do it? Can you be the LEGENDARY HERO the prophecy says you are? I bet you can! FEATURES: +Family-Friendly +20 Weapons and Items (And Expanding :D) +20 Unique Enemies (And Expanding :D) +5 Unique Bosses (And Expanding :D) +Fun and Non-Repetitive gameplay

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I have released a concept for the game on steam greenlight. You can check the concept here:

NOTE: This is just a concept for the game but the game will be up on steam greenlight soon if you would like to vote for it.

what is steam?
steam is a very large and popular client where people post games and is used by big-name companies to sell their PC or Mac ports of their games. All those cool new releases for games? (Just Cause 3, Batman: Arkham knight etc.) yeah those are put on steam for people to buy. You can check out Steam here:

what is steam greenlight?
steam greenlight is a community feature in steam where anyone can submit their games and people can vote wheather they want to have the game Avaliable on steam for people to buy.




All update news about the game and what features and functions I am adding and changing to the game to make it the best it can possibly be.

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