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The kingdom of Tarethiel has been taken over by creatures of hell. Your mission is to cleanse the kingdom and free the citizen from the agonizing wrath of the demon child called Damien. Grab your axe, bow, gun or magic powers and start purging the Gate Keepers and their minions! Hero Siege is a gore filled Hack N Slash game with heavy Rogue-like elements. Choose a class and start your survival journey. Find secrets, obtain items, slay hordes of different enemies and bosses. FEATURES: - Randomly generated levels, items, dungeons, bosses, secrets and events. Every game session you play is different! - Over 100 unique crafted items that are either passive, usable or orbiting. - Over 40 different enemies with the possibility to spawn as rare or elite with extra hp/damage and abilities, but dropping better loot and giving more exp! - Over 50 Achievements to unlock! - Many different perks to unlock! - Customize your character! - 3 Acts which all consist of 5 zones

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Well, couldnt give a 1. Purchased the game. They have my cash. I still cannot download the game and this has been some time now. The comments section is filling with people havimg problems and doesnt seem to have anyone reacting to it. Other websites w/ forums have people stating the same "cant download" issue. Waiting for a response...

It is a great game and contains a lot of the things that I think make a great game.
I only thin that they should do some balancing because I can stand any attack but when a acid spot hits me 2 sec and I am dead that is SO anoying.

Boring grind timekiller game


Amazing!! Test it youself, its so awesome :D BUY IT NOW


Unexpectdly a good game for me. Simple formula, but I think I really favor this kind of gameplay. Slaying, level up, move forward. Good job for the developers.


I'm a new member, otherwise I would rate this 10/10. I had problems downloading this game from Desura, but the creator recommended that I try using their own Exe installer and it worked for me! Big shoutout for the wonderful mashup of hack and slash with roguelike. The randomly generated elements are fantastic and I am in love with the smoothness of this game. Overall, if you like binding of issac, mixed in with some oldschool zelda, this game will not dissapoint. Looking forward to the additional content being added in 2014. Best of luck on greenlight!

One of the greatest Hack`nslash games i know it it can become alot greater if the developers want it to and if they get ennough support from the fans :D


Lots of fun. Playing using Xbox360 controller. Installs stuff in different folder than it said. (C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Hero Siege)

I'll be honest, I liked this game, even if some things are copied from The Binding Of Isaac.


After the download via the Desura Launcher didn't work i finally got to play it now.

What i like:

- The artstyle is decent. I started making games a while ago and currently im giving myself a try to make a game that is, atleast visually, similar to your Hero Siege. In the first place i bought the game just to see the animations, map scrolling etc. in action.

- Progression, even when you fail. You keep your Level Ups and carry them over into the next playthrough. Other people may like these rogue-like hardcore deaths, but i personally hate, and always have hated, frustrating moments in games. Your system of losing coins and updates, but keeping your Levels fits well.
I can't really judge if it's well balanced, though. The Levelups seem to have a VERY big impact on the diffuculty of the game, which i'm okay with.

- The Traps.

- The Robin-Hood-Hat for my Marksman.

What i dislike:

- The repetetive combat... All Monsters i have seen so far are the same. The only difference is their look and their amount of HP.

- The speed. It is too fast for my taste. The movement and especially the projectiles are too fast. Maybe it's just me being a chilled person, but i have played games of this genre before and Hero Siege is high ranked when it comes to create annyoing feelings.

- Bad use of randomness. Randomisation is heavily overused in so many games that came out the last years. In Hero Siege it's actually still 'okay'... For example the potions. I figured that it is best to just drink all potions and hope for good effects. There is no strategy or brain activity behind most actions of the game. You just run in circles and kill all the "random" Monsters that in the end, are all the same.
Also the explosions in the game, aswell as the attacks of some bosses are way to unpredictable. I'm simply unable to avoid all of them. Skill is replaced with randomisation.
The fact that you can spawn on traps is also a bit annoying.

Sadly i cant write more. Character Limit..

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