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Asymmetrical multiplayer first person stealth VERSUS real-time strategy. Awarded with "BEST DESIGN" and "BEST CODE". NOMINATED for "BEST GAME" and "GAME OF THE YEAR". Heist Night is an 3D asymmetrical multiplayer stealth video game. Under the cover of darkness, one player assumes the role of a thief that infiltrates a museum in pursuit of valuable exhibits to steal. However, the museum is heavily patrolled by security guards. The other player will assume the role of these guards in an attempt to find and apprehend the thief before he escapes the museum with the precious valuables.

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camlew22 says

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really a 7.5 because everything is great but the sensitivity as the thief is too high and there is no setting to fix it and that takes away alot from the game (what i mean by sensitivity is too high i mean like normal movements make you spin around 3 times(


otisgopal says

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