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*** Warning:This is Boys' love game! 警告:这是BL游戏!


Heart & Heart Distance........

How long could it be?


Lv Tianming and Xu Zhou, the young couple had struggled a lot to realize their dream of getting married with each other in the US.

As they wished, their hard work was paid off. The land of liberty has witnessed the eaxct seven years of enviable life with happiness of them. Or rather, they are welcoming their seventh year anniversary today.

For the special day, Tianming even bought a dedicate cake on his way back home. However, on Tianming’s arrival, Zhou was found lying on the ground.

Tianming was so stunned by the sudden onset, which filled the day that should be in happiness with completely grief that he couldn’t catch even a word in the medical certificate but a fact that Zhou now only has 6 months left on this world.

Then, there starts the 6 months, the last 6 months of Xu Zhou as well as the last 6 months they could be together..

About Us

RainbowO3:Senior 3. Indie Musician on Netease Cloud Music, chief of Dreamer Work. Scenario, Programming and Music of this game. Writing short MOVING stories from time to time and developing games from them.

Lyceenee:Illustrator ONICHAN

Why not directly submit it to Greenlight?

NOOOO money QwQ

This game is still under development.

Will this be FREE?

No, yet the price will be astonishingly low.

What would like to say in the end?

Welcome for suggestions and feedbacks and thank you all for playing this game!

***Thanks Regraz for his translation.***












RainbowO3:一名高三生,即将步入大学。网易云音乐独立音乐人,Dreamer Work主催,剧本程序音乐担当。偶尔写一些剧情然后做成短篇游戏。写的剧本基本都是BL虐心治愈【】类的。挖坑大王一个【。

Lyceenee:为本短篇游戏绘制背景插图的画师。这是我哥【不】 抱歉荔枝哥哥我已经不知道要写什么了……










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