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A rogue like dungeon crawler that reads and posts tweets on Twitter in order to create and play dungeons collaboratively! Tweets are made using our own encoding method so that each tweet represents a new room inside a dungeon. Lots of these tweets then come together to make a dungeon that is expansive and labyrinthine! Anyone can tweet to any dungeon and add rooms to it - the creative possibilities are potentially endless!

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KipaFury says

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This game is really cool, even in its alpha state. It reminds me of "The Binding of Isaac" but instead of randomly generated dungeons or rooms you have user created maps. I can see a great future for this game with unicorns, rainbows and dinosaurs with ray guns on their backs... sorry about that. I'm giving it an 8/10 because it's still missing stuff (of course stuff's missing it's still in alpha). With each update there's a lot of stuff added like, new enemies, new scenes, bug fixes... and then there are these things that I find funny, "Lord Laughter will now have the last laugh...",
"- Attempted to remove Grand Magus Groomp

- Re-attempted to remove Grand Magus Groomp

* Grand Magus Groomp is too powerful… leaving him in..."

Thanks for reading, here's a potato Tinyurl.com

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