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The story of Neptune's finest aces facing off against the invading force called, Shattered Soul. Rainstorm Brigade consists of the three pilots of Neptune! Acid hail, Shielding sleet, and Steel hurricane. Will go out and put an end to the long invading forces from Shattered soul.

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Hailstorm Ace's release information has been discussed and been live for a series of weeks now. We have decided to port the information over here so that more information regarding development and final set of content is needed! We know there are a lot of you awaiting the final release of Hailstorm Ace or at the very least, demo information to be released. You can find all the information regarding the games release information here! The following Demo will contain everything below!:

  • First Stage, Phases' 1,2, and Boss Battle - Weapons Bed.
  • Games Complete Soundtrack.
  • Information Gallery for Acid Hail.
  • Free Download to play on Gamejolt and Itch

For more information on the game and it's development information, do keep an eye out for Hailstorm Aces development!

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Hailstorm Ace

Hailstorm Ace


When Neptune gives the call, their finest has been seen to stand on the line of defense.

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