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You're not on your typical dungeon crawler anymore. Guy vs. The Wicked and Nefarious Land comes to put up a challenge to the most skilled players. With a top down view and fast paced action, you must guide Guy through 5 dungeons filled with evil creatures, traps and pop culture references. But fear not! While on Guy's shoes you will count with a handful of weapons, items and skills to be successful on your journey. But don't think it will be easy: To be the guy you must deserve it. 5 dungeons to explore and overcome 2 game modes to take your skills to the limit 3 possible endings 3 types of weapons with particular gameplay styles, totaling nine usable weapons 3 powerful skills to help you on your journey 21 types of monsters to be defeated with different strategies 5 bosses who demand the best of your abilities 4 bonus stages to test your skills Over 50 achievements, between medals and trophies Funny and charismatic characters Hours of hardcore gameplay and... One Guy

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Very fun game that has taken inspiration from and pays homage to The Binding of Isaac and NES/GB Zelda games.

The game can be frustrating but usually just enough to make you want to try again.

One major problem with the game is the sheer amount of grammatical and spelling errors I have encountered. As soon as the developer gets these fixed the game will be highly polished.

Flash level, monotonous and unattractive graphics, cranky and unintuitive controls, annoying music and sounds, poor story with cheesy dialogue and stale references (although I am writing this in 2013).

Gameplay is very poor. Very little options to design ur experience. Items have poor variation and some items should not even exist. There is no reason that you should buy an amulet that revives you twice when you can buy one that revives you 4 times, for just 20 more rupees (game currency), when you have over 1k rupees. Poor rewards, you open chests just to find the key to the next room, how is that any different from the normal where the room just opens? The gameplay looked like a hack and slash initially ...but it's not... you only have a couple of lives and all the mobs are designed to CC you in some way (freeze, slow, push back, stun, fear ... anything you can think of) which results in a horrible gameplay experience where you have no control of your charachter 30% of the time. Even you own charachter messes up your control, if you attack a box or wall you get knoked back. You mostly die when you have no choice, not because of a mistake you did. I've played on both difficulties and have not felt any difference in gameplay and difficuly. The minigames unlocked through game rewards that dissapointingly aren't treasure are almost impossible ... you need both extreme skills and a huge amount of luck to complete, it's a mixture of some very difficult timed events with random elements that overlap into something frustrating. I have no idea why this game has such a high rating ... it's very very poor. I'm really glad I got this one in a bundle and did not pay much for it.

Very funny and addicctive game! The graphics may annoys some people, but for those who don't care about it, the game is amazing!

You have a simple system of battles, nice sprites, charming music and a great experience!

Fans of difficulty and old school games will really enjoy this amazing adventure!

Sorry about the bad english.


tureba says

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Great fun and tougth fights await those who try this game out!

Binding of Isaac meets Amorphous+! Pretty good game!
Tips: I think the game could use better and more gory animations. Some rework on colisions would be nice too, like knockback or something.


I really liked the game. It was a very pleasant surprise, since it's a indie game from a new company.

Good Job, and keep up with the awesome work!


user_g says

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One of the best indie games i've play!

Sensacional o jogo.
Um gameplay que lembra os antigos Zelda com visão top-bottom, com a dificuldade de jogos survival e puzzles criativos, chama atenção e é realmente complicado parar de jogar.

10 de 10 pelo trabalho, a trilha e a dublagem são excelentes e a arte é sensacional.

Nice game.


kanere says

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Good game, reasonable dificulty (hard mode) and good game mechanics for a first developed game.

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