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She probably shouldn't have stolen the guns and gold from those bandits. And getting that bounty put on her head doesn't help much either. The lawmen aren't too far behind the bandits. No way out of this one, might as go out with a hell of a bang.


A frantic and fast-paced 2D arena shooter with an eye for (gun) details. Earn a high score and increase the bounty on your head while fighting on a runaway train crawling with enemies.


Already Implemented:

- 8 unique guns that mimic their real life counter-parts
- 4 Unique enemies and 2 variants
- Shooting enemy bullets out of the air
- Meticulously designed gun sounds
- Multiple train level layouts
- Detailed stat tracking
- Life highest scores tracking
- All original art and music

Features Planned:

- Even more levels
- Unlockable cosmetic customization options
- Playable Prologue
- Multiple Game Modes
- Gun Gallery
- Lifetime stat tracking
- Local highscore table tracking


We want to reach as many people as possible, so we will also be posting this game for free on our website! However, if you like the game please consider supporting us by purchasing it on Steam.


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GUNGUNGUN is now available for digital purchase on SWITCH, PLAYSTATION 4, and PLAYSTATION 5!

Pick up a copy for portable or big screen play!



1.3 Special Release Notes (Steam Exclusive)

- Engine updated to GMStudio 2 (save files and progress should be unaffected)
- Some hats have been replaced with newer, shinier hats!
- Hats are now more reasonably priced
- Misc. game logic and rare crash causes fixed


And in other news....

The Gun Gals were featured in a crossover comic with Tom n Artie! Check our feature and read the full series on Tapas here: Tapas.io



Mystery Egg Games is now working on a new title: HERO.EXE!

Follow our progress on our socials and Steam page!


GUNGUNGUN is Released on Steam!

GUNGUNGUN is Released on Steam!

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We are proud to announce that GUNGUNGUN is officially Version 1.0 on Steam!

GUNGUNGUN Steam Early Access Announcement

GUNGUNGUN Steam Early Access Announcement


GUNGUNGUN is an action-packed 2D Arena Shooter now on Steam Early Access with V.0.9.5!

GUNGUNGUN - Crunchy Run and Gun Arena Action!

GUNGUNGUN - Crunchy Run and Gun Arena Action!

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Introducing a bullet filled labor of love! GUNGUNGUN is an action packed single player 2D arena shooter. Now on Steam Greenlight with a beta available...

GUNGUNGUN Prologue Mode Update

GUNGUNGUN Prologue Mode Update


GUNGUNGUN now has a click-through playable Prologue!

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1.21 (Hotfix) - Fixed issue with GUN GALLERY entries not unlocking properly



Full Version

Version (1.0): Steam launch version, full release.

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