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In a Nutshell

Gun Bombers is a top-down 2D arena shooter. Play with up to 6 players (LAN / Online) and fight for survival in randomly generated and fully destructible maps.

How it works

This is a round-based multiplayer game. In each round you mine for gold, treasures and other specialty items that might aid you. You also have to watch out and combat other miners until the last survivor or when the round time is over. In between the rounds you purchase and equip yourself with better weapons, bombs and items. You score points for various things including mining minerals and defeating other miners. The winner is the one with the highest score after the final round.


  • Connect with up to 6 players in Local Area Network or Internet
  • Explore the Randomly Generated Maps
  • Take Advantage of the Fully Destructible Terrain
  • Employ Various Strategies with the Array of Weapons, Bombs and Items Available
  • Chance the Pace with the Different Game Modes
  • Laugh as you Bombard your Friends with a Duck or Blast Them in the Face with a Shotgun.

Current State & the Future

Please note that the game is in active development and has been since December 2013.

The game is already fully playable and heaps of fun. We hope to bring Gun Bombers as soon as possible to Steam Early Access in order to further improve it with the help of the community.

Steam Greenlight

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Steam Early Access


After 2 years of development Gun Bombers is available on Steam as an Early Access title.

Store Page

We’ve also set up a community hub in Discord for fans of the game.

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