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Golden Nyx is a Visual Novel about one promiscuous lady attempting to find her sister. Throughout her journey, she’ll encounter various characters who will offer their assistance. Is everyone truly trying to help our protagonist? What could they be hiding from her?


4+ possible endings.

7+ Characters.

All characters will have love scene.

Playable on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Plan to add achievement.


This is no simple disappearance. Lena finds herself wandering the corridor of the Golden Nyx seeking her sister. Juliet was nowhere to be found. It’s uncharacteristic of her to leave the venue without notifying her older sister. The two of them owns the prestigious adult establishment; the Golden Nyx. After inspecting her sister’s room, Lena knew that she did not sleep over but she did pack her toiletries and some clothes before leaving. Why would she do such thing?

A few phone calls to acquaintance reveal that Juliet was sighted at a Chinese Bathhouse. It was at this point Lena set out to figure out what was happening. A visit to an old friend could prove fruitful but there’s temptation to succumb to. The night her sister vanished, a clock started ticking. Time is running out. This pursue will put the Golden Nyx and Juliet at stake.

Find Juliet, maintain your hold on the Nyx or give into temptation. The choice is yours.

Characters Teaser

Sex appeal, skimpiness and theme.

The whole cast in this Visual Novel have various degree of skimpiness. It’s a deliberate choice I made due to the overall tone and theme of the VN. Every character will have some sort of fetish-theme going on for them. Some of those themes will go over most people’s head but the few catching on it will have a “That’s my fetish!” moment.

The VN is meant to be light, care free and fun. There is definitely a serious plot unraveling but you’ll get there while the characters tempt you into their own web of debauch.

Choices and how it affects the story.

I made it a point that every choice would have some bearing on how the story pans out in the short or longer term. This has led the story into such a way that you might not even see some characters based on the choice you make. I’m also making sure that there is enough provision to change your mind after an initial choice was made.

Depending on your point of view, there might be one “bad” ending but most of the endings are in a grey area.

About the Developer

I hail from a small island in the Indian Ocean; Mauritius. I always aspired to write story and give the reader choices on where to lead the story but I never had the opportunity to do so properly. After discovering Visual Novels, it dawned on me that this would be the perfect medium to bring my story to life.

The project is running on a very thing budget. I’m spending from my own pocket to hire artist to get the characters and CG done. I’m not aiming to profit from the end product, I’m just hoping that it would be good enough for people to spend a few bucks and cover some of the cost of production. My main aim is to get my Visual Novel out there in a finished state.

Posting this on Greenlight is very important for me. It lets me know whether people are interested or not with this VN. Ultimately, I would feel more confident to spend more on artist and other resources if it ends up getting Greenlit, it would be a loud signal that I am on the right path and people would actually enjoy the VN.

Thanks for reading and checking out my project. Please vote and leave a comment. I’ll do my best to answer every query you might have.

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Golden Nyx
Golden Nyx
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