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Gloria Victis is a MMORPG with an emphasis on realism, set in a low-fantasy medieval open world. Enjoy skill-based non-target combat, open PVP with territory control, deep, expanded crafting system, player-driven economy and a mature, extensive storyline – all that served with beautiful, realistic graphics and immersive atmosphere. Choose one of two nations: proud Midlanders inhabiting vast green lands or vengeful Ismirs from the frosty North and join the conflict!

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The questions presented below are answered by: Bartłomiej „Dahr” Galas – a team leader and level designer, responsible for object structure and graphics optimization. Jan „Jog” Grochowski – an audio artist, a music composer and a recruiter. Michał „Mahnahmuhnah” Matuszewski – 3D models and animation artist, he also helps Sylwia Polcyn in story writing and additional quests. Karol „Wietrzyk” Wicher – 3D artist and DTP specialist, 4 years in the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can we expect a premiere?
A: The team is working to launch a pre-Alpha version of Gloria Victis as we speak. It will be an exclusive test version for our most devoted fans. At the beginning we will focus to test our main components like server, and in the following few weeks further gameplay features will be added.

Q: Will we see Gloria Victis in 2012?
A: It is possible that we launch an open playable version of the game this year. It depends on our funding progress.

Q: So an estimated percentage of the game completed is…?
A: In fact, a development of an MMO game can never be finished. If we were to estimate the percentage of work done vs. required to release the game, it would be approximately 25%.

Q: Do you work for FREE?
A: Yes. Our project has no budget, but we keep a track of each work hour. Of course, an experience from such a project is highly valued by gamedev companies, granted the work was done well and effectively.

Q: In what steps do you plan to release Gloria Victis: Closed alpha, open beta, final beta? Or some others?
A: The first Pre-Alpha will be completed soon. Until we reach Alpha version our servers need to provide a stable play for a substantial number of players at once. Also all main game features should be working properly, including combat. We believe this feature to be one of our important selling points.

Q: Why did you choose Unity3D and not other engine? Was it the matter of optimization, add-ons, effectiveness, finances or…?
A: Unity 3D is in my opinion the most dynamically developed engine. Its effectiveness is very high and many our team members (including a few coders with experience in Unity 3D) can work simultaneously with it. That is why our progress is so good. We also made a beneficial agreement with Unity. New people come to us, when they hear we use this engine. I cannot agree with the opinion, that Unity is good only for browser games. Just take a look on Need For Speed World.

Q: The latin name „Gloria Victis” doesn’t make SEO easy. The tenth place in Google certainly isn’t that good for you. Why did you choose this name then?
A: Achieving a good page rank needs time. I believe our web specialists are up for this task. Gloria Victis (a title of a book important in high school in Poland) is quite common among Polish young people and we want them to find our game.

Q: Will Gloria Victis be published in English or Polish first? Or will we see it in both these languages at the same time?
A: Both language versions should be launched at the same time, however, an English version may receive a green light a bit earlier.

Q: Can you confirm that Ether Fields story remained unchanged in Gloria Victis? Will we visit „Ether” again?
A: We didn’t change the story from Ether Fields, and we have been expanding it during last six months. In Gloria Victis players will explore the same world created by Arys and Shan, choose a character originating from Northern Folk, Ether Nations, Asken People or the Nuncians. We promise to refine the world even further so it will surprise our players.

Q: Gloria Victis is inspired by „real” Middle Ages, so we will not see much magic in the game. Is it true?
A: This world is quite different to what players may know from historical books. There are no nations or fractions in Gloria Victis which existed in our world. Instead, we introduce other nations and fractions, which concept is strongly inspired by the history. Clothing and arms are exactly that of Middle Ages. For example, we will not see in Gloria Victis colorful, luminating swords. Armour for women are not meant to reveal assets of its wearer, but keep her protected. Speaking of magic, we aim to make it a unique and hard to get. A person willing to use it needs a lot of luck and patience. A final effect will be not such spectacular as a fireball – we simple don’t want it. Instead, we will introduce illusions, alchemy and many tricks which passed for magic once.

Q: Are you not afraid that the game without stunning fireworks will be less attractive?
A: At present most of games offer the same experience, just under different names. We aim to bring to Gloria Victis players who loved Baldurs Gate, Gothic and other older titles. It will be possible to complete a quest in a few different ways (I will tell more about it later). We believe that our non-target combat system will keep interested fans of Mount & Blade. Our target are also avid players of The Elder Scrolls series, who are disappointed with the Elder Scrolls Online announcements.

Q: We can read „Mature Story” in the game features listed on the main Gloria Victis page. Should we expect strong language, dirty tricks in the story, perhaps some nudity?
A: Our goal is to provide a broad and diverse selection of challanges, giving players a choice of his own way to move through the story. Each choice made during quests will be meaningful, for example, it will change the NPC attitude towards the player’s character. The player will be in control over how different NPC address his/her character – will the they chat in a friendly manner, or will the dialogue end with swearing. We avoid modern bad language, however, as it doesn’t fit the world of Middle Ages. Regarding nudity, I will say only, a brothel will certainly be introduced.

Q: Can you promise we will not find quests like: go and kill 10 wolves?
A: No, quite contrary. Such quests will appear, but each of them will introduce its own mini-story, connected with the greater scheme. I can promise that such tasks will be in minority and there will be more than one possible way to resolve them. Some paths will become available only as a result of certain choices during earlier quests, which will add to a replayability value of the game. Tasks like these are present in all important titles from this genre, like World of Warcraft, Lineage 2, Tibia or Lord of The Rings, and you cannot just remove them at all. They are certainly not the only type of quests we are about to introduce.

Q: Who is your target player?
A: First of all, the players who are tired with similiar MMO titles, I am speaking here mainly of Asian-type productions. The fans of classic, single-player RPGs should apprieciate our game even if they didn’t play MMO games earlier.

Q: I heard about open PvP in Gloria Victis and about social penalties for killing players characters from the same fraction. Will be there looting from killed player characters as well?
A: Lower social status is not necessarily a bad thing. We do not want to hinder players’ freedom of choice, so “evil” characters will have an option to find support and interesting opportunities in the game world just like the “socially correct” ones. It is unlikely that we allow for player character looting, the game will be quite hardcore even without it.

Q: Gloria Victis points out non-linear quests as one of its main features. Are we going to see a story constructed like in, say, the Witcher?
A: We prepare a few story paths, which will depend on player’s character connections, regional reputation, secondary quests completed and a few other factors, including a bit of luck.

Q: How about levelling?
A: After reaching a new level, the player character receive points, which can be distributed freely on available options. Basic traits will greatly define chances in each particular each skill, so that a careful building of the character will be important. Microtransactions will allow to reset the build. In our opinion it is more fair to allow players to reset some of their choices, than to sell them superior gear or faster progress.

Q: What other revolutionary features will you introduce in Gloria Victis?
A: The combat system should positively surprise our players. It shares some features with the one found in Mount & Blade. MMO game relies on activated skills and here is where the real fun begins. You will be able to use special key combinations to activate extraordinary actions. The higher skill with the weapon used, the simpler those combos will be, allowing players to activate those powers and tricks faster and more effectively. We believe such system to decrease the impact of character’s level and items on the combat outcome. It is skill of the player which will be the most important.

Q: Will there be instances?
A: Yes! Some quests will send players to the instanced versions of the world. Some dungeons will be instanced as well.

Q: Can you tell anything about the end game? Anything like Castle Siege, Mass War or battlegrounds?
A: The end game is the most important part and the most difficult to create, too. We aim to deliver the best player experience possible and we will share our plans as soon as they will be ready for presenting them to the public.

Q: A typical player, hearing of Unity3D Engine, thinks about browser/mobile games. Is it true for Gloria Victis?
A: Far from it. Our game will introduce impressive 3D graphics on PCs and Mac, Unity 3D has impressive graphic features already. Soon Unity Technologies will release 4th version of their engine, it is enough to look at its feature list to see it is developed with AAA game titles in mind: Unity3d.com.

Q: The approximate disk space required by the client?
A: A few gigabytes. At the moment the early test versions are 1,1 GB.

Q: You are producing this game for FREE, the game world is not widely recognized, how do you plan to promote Gloria Victis?
A: We attend many conventions and conferences, like Festiwal Gier Digital Dragons, Game Day or Zjazd Twórców Gier. We promote our title abroad on many portals, like IndieDB for example. There will be time for commercials in other mass media as well. Producing Gloria Victis will not remain a hobby forever, we have serious plans for raising funds.

Q: What is your most important need at the moment?
A: Even more determination in work, wider community relations and good insight to prioritise the most important game features.

Q: Any final thoughts on this production for now?
A: They say it is hard to find people to work for free. Our example shows something different. Many media, hosting companies, Medieval Groups, game developers and even our fans help us tremendously, for which we owe them a big Thank You! We greet every person, who puts his/her time in reading about our project. Even if it doesn’t catch your interest, it may still inspire you to define ambitious goals and to fulfil them despite all odds.


Can't wait for the game =D!

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