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Gladiator Tycoon Management Sim. Build and manage a gladiator school, train your gladiators and watch them fight in the arena.

Report RSS Gladiator School update "Beyond the arena" is out!

This update adds gear, arena tournaments, faster combat, predictions, market recruitment, specialists, helpers & special buildings.

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In Update v0.75 (build = 392) we have added a whole new map for you to explore. It also adds Gear, Arena tournaments, Faster combat, Predictions, Market recruitment, Specialists, Helpers & Special buildings.

Screenshots from v0.75

gs075 screen3Faster combat and new arenas

gs075 screen2Gear with stats

gs075 screen1Arena tournaments - Bronze,Silver and Gold

screenshot072Improved UI to keep track on your gladiators progress

Improved mechanics for bandit raids

Here are the full patch notes:

  • Blacksmith has been added
  • 4 armorsets has been added. Leather, Iron, Steel and Gold
  • 12 helmets has been added
  • Arena battle map has been added
  • Non-human fantasy theme gladiators added
  • NPC Predictions with bets added before arena battles
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold tournament added
  • Pit fights and Arena battles available from school menu
  • Added new fastpaced 1v1 combat simulation for pit and arena
  • Venatio and executions has been removed
  • Bronze League has been renamed to Imperial League
  • Normal pit fights are no longer a fight to the death
  • Gladiators can only be killed in Imperial League and Nightmare
  • Choose between 5 candidates when buying new gladiators
  • Added more situational factors for hit and block in combat
  • More benefits added from full crowd meter in combat
  • Intro market now display ultimate icons
  • Stamina bar now display at workbench and cooking station
  • Specialists, helpers and special buildings has been added
  • Doctore - Increase all experience gained from training by 10 %
  • Merchant - Collect 100 extra coins each 5 days
  • Alchemist - Increase healing effect for all medic beds by 10 %
  • Agent - 30 % chance to find better gladiators at market
  • Herbalist - Collect 5 medic herbs each 5 days
  • Weaponsmith - 20 % more chance to increase weapon levels
  • Bounty Hunter - 20 % more chance for better loot in chests
  • Pig farm - Collect 30 extra raw meat each 5 days
  • Forestry - Collect 30 extra wood each 5 days
  • Library - All gladiators gain 2 extra skillpoints each 5 days
  • Vineyard - Collect 10 extra wine each 5 days
  • Sawmill - Collect 10 extra planks each 5 days
  • Kitchen - Collect 20 extra food each 5 days
  • Much faster loading at intro market selection
  • Numerous minor bug/grammar/graphics fixes
  • New 80’s inspired soundtrack added
  • Savefiles from previous version are compatible

Gladiator School on Steam

Thanks for reading!
/Raptor Claw

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