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You are in an abandoned park thats been closed for 5 years, get to the house before night falls. You will have to decide on which path you take and how you take it, do NOT leave the path. STAY ON! Watch the beta video: youtube.com/watch?v=I29qYAbMBk8 THIS GAME IS THE BETA VERSION 1.0 THERE IS NO OBJECTIVE OR "SECRET PERSON" YET! WE ARE FOCUSED ON MAKING THE CHARACTER AND FLASHLIGHT PERFECT BEFORE WE START ON THE OBJECTIVE! BETA VERSION IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD MAC/PC! NEWER VERSIONS WILL BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD!

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kabeltelevizio says

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I'll probably check back once this gets an update, so far it's not interesting. The trees all look the same and they are not even rotated to add variation, apart from the pointless flashlight there is no light at all, just an ambient the makes the whole thing boring. You should definitely add different kinds of lights and new vegetation. Also I could walk through the trees, not to mention some trees were on the road.

So this game needs a lot of work, I don't understand the point of this beta version, this doesn't really show anything.

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