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Genocide is a run-and-gun platformer that has been built upon the source code of Abuse; it shares the exact gameplay with highly destructive environments where the player moves the character around with the keyboard keys and aims with the mouse.


Prison Vessel 'Thras', surface metalyte mining, 23rd century.

Twelve years after being wrongly convicted and imprisoned on a remote planet, biodroid ex-marine captain Shad succeeds in releasing his hands from the shackles during transfer to the prison vessel 'Thras' and escapes, finding himself in the dark industrial prison corridors, lift shafts and air ducts.

Armed only with a pulse rifle, you must fight your way past hundreds of deadly mutant prison guards, blast through floors, ceilings and walls to escape from your prison.

No-one has ever managed to escape from Thras. This is your primary objective.


This game was re-released as "Genocide: Remixed Version" in 1999 running on an updated engine, with support for higher resolutions and higher quality textures, but also some flaws like reduced number of levels and no dynamic lighting.

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Genocide - version differences


Genocide:Remixed Version differences compared to the original 1998 release:

  1. Higher quality ''True Color'' textures.
  2. Support for higher resolutions (up to 640x480), more graphics and control options, more cheats.
  3. Extended intro cinematic.
  4. In-game music track, more sound effects.
  5. No multiplayer support.
  6. Difficulty selection level was replaced by a difficulty selection menu. ''Genocide'' difficulty is not available.
  7. No ''Airducts'' level.
  8. No dynamic lighting.
  9. Player health, weapons and ammo are reset on beginning of each new level. Armor is time limited.
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Genocide: Remixed Version - level info fix

Genocide: Remixed Version - level info fix

Patch 1 comment

This fixes level names and objectives not being displayed in the status panel when pressing F1.

Genocide - demo

Genocide - demo

Demo 1 comment

This contains two demos (versions 0.93 and 0.97) that I found on FilePlanet for original release of Genocide.


Can anyone tell me if there is a full game or if it ever was ? I played the Remixed version as a kid, played it again few years ago, in search for the full version whole my life. I am kinda obsessed with this game, i love it.

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