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Gekkeiju Online: The Beginning is an MMORPG/VRMMORPG-hybrid where players all around the world assume roles of heroic fantasy characters in a gigantic new world that is being re-populated after a massive cataclysm. A World full of magic, mysteries and perils awaiting for brave adventurers. Virtual Reality-mode is powered by native Oculus Rift-support.

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Greetings dear sweetypies! Gekkeiju's skill system was changed to use Limited Skill Sets this month!

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Greetings dear sweetypies! Enjoying the summer yet?

It's already the time for another monthly update, and there's again quite a lot of new things to report.

Limited Skill Sets

Starting with the most important change - Gekkeiju Online's skill system was changed to use Limited Skill Sets. What this means is that players will need to build active skill set by choosing 9 skills from all their available skills. The skills can be changed whenever out of combat. Items can still be quickslotted above the skill slots so they won't take space from skills.

Limited Skill Sets

This means that players will need to choose skills that best fit their play style. Each character will be able to save 3 different skill sets so it'll be easy to change between play styles or character roles. Later on Skill Ranks will also be adjustable in a similar style as is seen in for example Mass Effect-games.


The work on Trait-system was started. Traits are basically passive abilities that affect characters' secondary stats like bonus damage, attack speed, cooldowns etc. Traits are split into Offensive, Defensive and Utility traits - they're also the same for all Character Classes.

Players will be able to train Traits with trait points that are gained every other level after level 6. Traits are also part of the skill sets so each player can have up to 3 different trait builds at once which can be switched on at the same time as skills sets.


Lore Books

Gekkeiju has always had in game lore books as well as books submited by the community. Until now these books have been items that have eaten inventory space. However, now the books are scattered around the world - reading of them will add the book to character's book library which can be accessed anywhere.

Lore Book-system

The books in the new lore book system will contain most of the old books from previous versions of the game but also new lore-related stories - possibly even secrets about the world and locations.

Crafting Resources

Crafting resources such as ore deposits, wood branches and animal hides have been added. The Crafting-professions haven't yet though.

Mining Resources

Quest Dialog rework

Quest Dialogs are being redone to be more dialogue-like. This means the amount of text shown at once will be reduced and more answer-options will be added. This style is similar to how things used to be in the previous versions of the game. It also helps fitting the text into the small dialogs in the Oculus Rift-mode.

Currently most of the main storyline have been redone but all the side quests require some more work.

What's next?

It's quite likely that the Trait-system will be worked quite a lot more to get traits added at least up to tier 2 for all the trait categories.

Crafting Professions will also eventually get worked to the point where players will at least be able to choose their professions even if the crafting itself wasn't fully operational.

About the next alpha test

Many people have been asking about the next alpha test. The plan was to wait until the Oculus Rift DK2s ship. However, it's quite likely that it may take way past July so the next Alpha will most likely be held without DK2-support during July - possibly during week 29 or 30. It's also possible that the accounts made for previous Alpha will still work - characters, however, will be removed.

Stay tuned for more information about the Alpha! It'll be announced during June.

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