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Buckle up and enjoy fully motorized mayhem with GearGrinder, the new incarnation of an underrepresented genre of arcade racing action. Take full control of your powerful truck, mounted with the most devastating weapons available, malicious mines and more nifty gadgets, and complete over 45 versatile and thrilling missions, leaving a trail of devastation wherever you go. Transform your vehicle from combat to racing mode, deploy your jet engine and smile at your opponents while they watch your rear light disappear in the distance. With destructible race environments ranging from shabby industrial circuits and cramped city tracks to the most gorgeous countryside, multiplayer modes for up to 8 players (LAN) and a thrilling story about a lot of money, hunger for power, corruption and friendship, GearGrinder will trigger the surge of adrenalin every man needs at regular intervals. Minimum requirements: 2,5GHz Single Core; 512MB RAM (Vista: 768MB); Video: PixelShader 2.0 & 128MB; 2GB HDD

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GearGrinder Price-Cut!


Our racing action game GearGrinder grinds down its own prices!
The amount of money for purchase in the different regions of the world changed to the following:

United States: 9.99 USD
Australie: 9.99 AUD
Europe: 7.99 EUR
United Kingdom: 5.99 GBP
All other regions: 9.99 USD

Gear it up and grind it down!
(what a terrible line.)

GearGrinder Released on Desura

GearGrinder Released on Desura

News 7 comments

Take full control of a powerful truck, mounted with the most devastating weapons available.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 21)
FindMuck - - 18 comments

omg this game is hilarious

not sure if worth 5 bucks but I enjoyed the demo a lot XD

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pczelda - - 15 comments

This game looks pretty interesting, but it's in German? I'd want to see an English option before I considered getting this game because I don't know German. While I'm sure this game is playable without knowing German, I'd only get part of the experience.

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Rayman51 - - 201 comments

interesting... but as far as i'm concerned, i would like to know the system requirement first. too many game i payed didn't work before, and i wouldn't like to lost this one too :/

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SoanoS - - 18 comments

Bought this game off Indie Royale, any chance I could add this to Desura somehow?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
SoanoS - - 18 comments

I mean Indie Gala. Bad brain. Always messing things up... -.-

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drelbs - - 13 comments

Just got added to India Gala III if you beat the average! (currently $4.69)

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TheSibb - - 32 comments

Wow, you morons are morons. MW3 is still within the price range of 60 bucks, and its a piece of copypasted waste, and you guys are complaining about the price of this? This is an excellent action racing game, and though it's not high tech and theres no 360 noscoping, its a mad ******* game. To anyone who comes here to look at this and complain at the price: go get a job.

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swordtut - - 15 comments

its easy to jude but hard to understand others. besides i think most people looking at this game don't play mw3.

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71CNY - - 2 comments

Whats wrong with your panties?

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brian5470 - - 3 comments

funny how they cut the game price in half almost right away. its been on some other sites for $7.99 for a long time.
anybody that calls people morons are low lifes as far as i am concerned.

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aranos420 - - 2 comments

While the angry manner in which you stated it has me concerned, I agree with your statement TheSibb. Indie developers are quickly becoming the savior of PC gaming. MW3 may have its own merits, but it essentially is a copypaste of MW2, Black Ops, etc. Even the acclaimed Battlefield series has gone down this path. If indie developers charge $20 for their games and they are well worth it, who are we to complain? It's not $60 and you're getting a great game.

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