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"Only five more sheep and my marble wall is complete!" - Gardens of Gonzo: free-to-play Oldschool Sandbox MMORPG

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ntroPi says

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Has the potential for infinite exploration. I hope.


ZeroInFo56 says

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This game is spectacular. Though the content is limited and the community small, you must take into account the fact that this game is only in Alpha.

*Smooth game-play
*Sexy 8bit graphics
*Friendly and easily navigable GUI
*Very helpful and supportive staff(Rammy)

*Their is not much by way of co-operating with other-players aside from trading, and I do not know if a party or clan feature is planned for the future but it would definitely perk things up a bit.
*It's hard to stay in touch with players you come across as their is no friends system.
*Game constantly crashes, but that is to be expected with alpha stage.

Overall I have so far thoroughly enjoyed playing "The Seed of Gonzo" and know that a large part of my weekend is booked up with plans to pursue those pixels!


CustardSquare says

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