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Immerse yourself in this fast paced Virtual Reality Sci-Fi Action Shooter. The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, please consider voting, it would help as out a lot! (link in description) This game will be initially available in single player mode, giving the player a variety of missions to choose from! We intend to continue expanding content over the coming months with more missions and of course more hero classes! Our next major milestone will be turning this game game into a full-fledged Multiplayer Co-Op game. Although it would be challenging to cite a schedule at this point, we are definitely excited about and committed to this goal. We intend to support both HTC Vive and PSVR as different game versions with slightly different maps and missions to account for each headset's strengths and restrictions while retaining the overall look and feel of the game.

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"Galactic Core: The Lost Fleet" is a fast paced Virtual Reality SciFi Action Shooter.

Core features:

Experience a fast-paced first person virtual reality shooter that challenges your ability to engage, think and react under increasing levels of intensity.

Play and unlock different hero classes, each packed with their own unique set of abilities and mechanics, allowing you to experience the missions in the hero’s own distinct combat style.

Encounter tougher, larger, more cunning enemy types as your blast your way through increasingly challenging waves of enemies in the fight for survival.

Explore different missions, each with their own unique settings, objectives and game modes, which come together to form a short but powerful storyline brought forward by interactive cinematic scenes.


You assume the role of Fleet-Captain “Emperia”, one of the most revered battle fleets of the Galactic Core Federation, bestowed with the task of safe-guarding our galaxy.

In a most unfortunate turn of events your find your fleet caught in the eye of a meteor storm, inevitably suffering severe damage and casualties.

Stranded, you soon discover you are far from being safe, as your ship crash lands on a nearby alien planet, packed with hostile creatures scourging the land.

Soon you find yourself and surviving fleet members fighting for survival in an attempt to hold on just long enough for a rescue team to arrive and evacuate you and your fleet.

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