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War between Humans and Satan forces continue again across the galaxy. This is rapid optimized version. Tested on Win 7 64 bit/Win XP-32 and sims to work somehow. Added plenty of things, as much as 4MB bag have, ..hehe. Music change is on "M",key. Reinforcements is on 1 and 2, and so on. Bugs are possible, but not so bad, as i sad before. Mp3, and DirectX 8 needed, and three brains this time.


Ok, Zonomorfs ...brutal version of second conflict arrive. This fast update is for those few who played previous version and wants more actions. As i said before, XP OS brutal version is required, very old optimized machine with one core, and Ridick behind that keyboard. I agree, very nasty combination of old timer operator and old strong heart .. Capital ships battles is updated and very dangerous this time...

Galactic Battles SandBox 4.5 Extreme
Bazlik_Commander Author

I forget to mention, this version has pioneer puzzle mod for relaxation under heavy enemy fire ...very brutal ... and don`t forget thank you ..heh little imps ..

P.S ...for high performance, open Task Manager, right click on that game exe and Set priority to High, done.

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