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G-Fu is an arcade game, perfect choice who misses retro style. Survive. Collect as much gems as you can. Fight for the highest score in the leaderboard. The game can be played with either a keyboard or a game controller, though a game controller is preferred. Keyboard: X - select / shoot; C - return back. Game controller: A - select / shoot; B - return back.

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Week 3


Currently we work on game vertical slice announced on Week 2.

  • Gameplay changes

Background screen shakes
Player feedback
Player weapon tweaks
Enemies feedback
Enemies death feed
Enemies visual damage

  • Plot

At the beginning of “G-Fu”, plan was simple. Made arcade game without any story just for score. Fast-paced with all bells and whistles common to the genre. It seemed to be not enough and we decided to add story. Don’t get us wrong we even without story have lots of TODOs, but as players we think any story makes game more accomplished, especially nowadays. Indeed “Arkanoid” has story…
After a week of discussions plot was done and we finally jot down the synopsis.

  • Social Media

Our team consists of two people and we are both developers. Nobody does not know how to promote the game in social networks. But we all know, that successful game is the game people know about. We have some kind of strategy (big word). Bet on itch.io, Reddit and Twitter.

From screenshots or if you have downloaded the game, you can see that we have art tends to retro games of 80’s. We made topic on Reddit about “Can this graphics deter players in 2023?” and get some feedback!

And now we again have doubts about name of the game. We would like to know how people perceive G-Fu, thus ask Reddit users.

See ya!

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