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Full Metal Combat is a collection of mecha based games that all take part inside the Metalverse. Current focus is on the "FMC: Generals" title which is a turn based strategy card game where you play as an invading General trying to take over land important to your nation.

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Since last update I have added another 2 areas to District 1 that you can explore and a collection of new art assets from Meshing About have been added as well.

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Progress Update: 2 New areas to explore and more!


Hello every one, here with another progress update. Things are moving along well which is a good feeling and to add to that I have gotten the first batch of assets made by my friend Meshing About in quite some time, so all around things are getting well and truly back in to full swing. First things I am going to be talking about in this update is the 2 new arena, the first is the Panda Palace and the second is The Factory and then I will talk about the other new assets but first there is some thing I wan't to mention about the buildings that are in the game at the moment. Right now there is only the 1st of 7 Districts in the game and many of the building that I have worked on so far are boss buildings which includes the Panda Palace. What I wanted to point out tho is that as I add more District in to the game some of these building will move to the Districts that they were originally intended to be in.

Panda Palace:

The Panda Palace is home to 2 very strong AAUs, the Kiana Panda and the Giant Panda as well as the home of one of the 15 officers of Kronos Alex. Both the Panda types are long range units and the inside of the palace is designed to take full advantage of this. Inside the building there are no walls to segregate the areas, instead there is pools of water. This restricts the movement of the player while still giving the pandas a clear shot at them which more often then not ends up with you taking first from multiple directions. The pandas are not the only ones you have to worry about tho as Alex resides on the top level and uses her AU Stitch to take on any one who disturbs her quite time. Even tho she lives in District One it is wise to not underestimate her and the pandas. Unless you have really powerful weapons you will not stand a chance of getting to her and if you enter the building with the early weapons you get you will be lucky to take out 1 panda before they take you out.

The Factory:

The next area added is 'The Factory', this is a one story combat zone building that houses 3 AAU lifts. AAU lifts are basically one of the ways the AAUs are moved from the factories in the lower levels of the District to the top levels where the players are and they are located all around the city. These 3 lifts basically turn this building in to an unending wave of AAUs to fight which is great if you can handle it!

Meshing About:

For those of you who do not know Meshing About is a friend of mine who is actually an artist unlike my self who donates his time to the project when he can. The other day he sent me a batch off assets that he made and I have since added them in to the game. All of them are just aesthetic pieces so it is probably just best that I show you. I must say tho it is a great motivator when you have other people contributing to your project and for that I thank him. If you like the look of the stuff he as done you should check out his other stuff which is a lot more detailed.

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Meshing About Socials
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Thank you every one for your interest all questions and comments are greatly appreciated, looking forward to talking with you again soon, bye. :)


I love the Panda Palace it is very unique and by the description they don't seem as friendly as they look. Brilliant!

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