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You play as the one who enters a mysterious house on the edge of town. The game consist of mostly exploration and solving puzzles to progress through the game. The house has a mind of it's own and will play all sorts of mind bending tricks to throw you off. As you play you will discover notes that will help progress the plot. This game is estimated to be about 10-30 minutes long and contains no saving. You won't need to save, the game isn't that long.

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JasonTGamer says

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This was quite a game. Graphics were simplistic, which was perfect for the game itself, and the gameplay, which consisted of puzzles/exploration sequences, were both confusing (as puzzles should be) and quite fun. The only flaws I saw with this game were the storyline and genre. The storyline, which is practically none, is hard to understand, especially when the main character was sad for the other when he died, despite not knowing him (at least from what I recall). And as for the genre, with the music and such, it seemed as if the developer was going to make this a horror game, but then near the end of development changed his mind and decided to make it depressing. Not too big of flaws, but just something I noticed while playing. Overall, this is a solid game, and quite short (I finished in about 15 minutes), and has a strong message at the end. I enjoyed this game very much and hope that the developer develops more titles in the future.


Tears Studios says

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