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You be the Tornado! Save or destroy the entire world of ... this game! Explore, discover, survive, destroy, and have fun.

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i like this game!:D

Amazing coding and gameplay,definetly the best game ive ever played hands down!Keep up the awesome work,and im totally hyped for the new release!Please respond soon,and thanks for creating such an amazing game,I love weather and have a true passion for it,this game lets me do just that!Thank you so much! PS:I rated 10/10,I had to because its so awesome!


The game is well made, Allthough it has ALOT of limitations, Its fun to see a random tornado destroy ' abandoned ' buildings,


good game but crashed a cuple times for no reason




A great game for my son who loves tornadoes. My laptop is a bit overtaxed by it, running Windows 7 on a core i5 with 1.6 GB total graphics memory. Each of the processors is only rated 1.9 GHz so that's really the trouble but I am glad the game works anyway. Glitches and bugs seems minimal, good for Alpha or even a Beta version.


Full dynamic tornado destruction and good graphics.


It is the best simulation game with high graphics and tornadoes. I have been looking for a game like this ALL my life. If you like storm chasing then this is the game for you!He constantly updates you on when stuff is coming out. This is the best game for tornadoes EVER! You be the tornado, or the tornado chaser! Thanks Eric Mctune, for such a good game!


I interested with tornadoes, and this game best indie game for me. I waiting for update with impatience, and I want to ask the developer to continue to do the update for this fantastic game.

People this game is fun, even in its alpha phase I find myself playing it over and over. Looking forward to the future of this game.

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i like this game!:D

Jan 20 2014 by trentsll1234567