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Football-o-Rama was first available in gold status in 2002 as massive multiplayer online football manager game that gathered users from around the world. Now, after long hiatus, the game returns in new form with new options and features.

What makes Football-o-Rama a rarity is the basic transfer system - unlike 99% of similar games in Football-o-Rama you buy and sell players through negotiations with other users, not via auctions. What difference does it make? Once you try it you will see the difference - you can buy / sell players, you can exchange them (offer you player + money for better player from other team), you can loan them (so they can get the experience they would not get in their current team).

Another feature that will return in Football-o-Rama is the stock market - you can sell your stock or buy it from other teams. The price of the stock changes according to how well the team is performing in the league and cups.

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Football-o-Rama is a free multiplayer online soccer manager game with focus on long-term strategy. Originally established in 2002 now Rama returns in new form with much wider range of options. You start your team from scratch - select location in any of the thousands of cities around the world, build your stadium, hire your first players and find staff members to help you. You will have plenty of resources at the beginning, so you can freely choose your strategy - you can either invest in stadium, invest in youth players, bring the top stars or just adapt to the situation as you go along.

You can try our demo to see for yourself

Online Soccer Manager

There are few things that distinguish Football-o-Rama from other games:
- you can establish your club anywhere in the world, we do not assign managers to their countries of origin,
- most of the transfers are done via direct negotiations with other managers, where you can set f.e. cut from next deal or send counter-offers,
- you will never play in division lower than 3rd, so you are always just 2 seasons away from fighting for championship,
- you can improve your own character in RPG-like manner.

Online Soccer Manager

Each player is slightly different, there are over 40 parameters that describe them. Some of the parameters are visible straight away, some of them will take time to be revealed (like personality traits or game style), some of them might take years to learn or you won't be able to learn them at all - just like in real life.

Online Soccer Manager

There are several ways you can bring new players to your team:
- direct transfers,
- loan deals,
- player auctions,
- free agents,
- amateur players,
- talent scouting,
- foreign players scouting,
- youth team.

Online Soccer Manager

There are few competitions you can take part in:
- league matches,
- domestic cup,
- 3 inter-divisional cups (Elite Cup, HSLS Cup, LLLB Cup),
- friendly matches,
- friendly tournaments,
- indoor tournaments.

Online Soccer Manager

You will need staff members to help you deal with the everyday problems - you can choose from over 20 professions, from coaches to scouts and from grounds keeper to marketing director. Some of them will influence your team, some will give you access to additional data, some of them will just take care of tiny details that you don't want to take care yourself.

Online Soccer Manager

Whatever your strategy will be Football-o-Rama has plenty of additional options to keep you busy:
- reserve team,
- youth team,
- sponsorship deals,
- club events,
- stadium improvements,
- off-field opportunities to improve your finances or give you advantage over rivals.


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