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A free "demake" of VVVVVV running in the Windows Command Line. Features support for custom levels and XInput controllers!

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Flip-Fall 1.2 Released!


Hey there, I'm Sam!
You might know me from making Skyline and Outside Influence, as well as a few other Portal and Counter-Strike related projects. This is my first "from-scratch" game, written in C++ using a codebase provided by my lecturer Dr Dave Wyatt and the SFML by Laurent Gomila.

This is an ASCII demake of VVVVVV by Terry Cavanagh, It's a bit finicky, but you're completely able to make your own levels and level packs (tutorials are included, but they're a bit rough too!). It also supports XInput controllers (I tested with a Dualshock 4, but it should work with anything XInput.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this at least a little! (or at the very least, don't find this too horrible). I learned a whole lot during the production of this game, and I plan on making a better version from scratch somewhere down the line, including paralax scrolling and increased colour capability.

Thanks very much for giving it a chance, and you can download the latest release in the download section :D

- Sam

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Flip-Fall 1.2b Release

Flip-Fall 1.2b Release


Flip-Fall 1.2 Tech Demo release. Windows only. Supports XInput controllers. CHANGES: Added COLOURS.TXT

Flip-Fall 1.2 Release

Flip-Fall 1.2 Release


Flip-Fall 1.2 Tech Demo release. Windows only. Supports XInput controllers.

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