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I first started working with Finisher 16 years ago,and the story has been evolving since that time. Finisher is the ultimate warrior but with self worth issues. Finishers Quest is a familliar Fighting/Adventure RPG, But it adds a little of its own to the story. Finishers Quest was made using Rpg Maker VX ACE Lite but through workarounds and scripts it has 35 boards. And in my initial Test Play lasted over 100 hours. Alot of that is the fighting though.I tended to let the action happen so I could see if anything went wrong. By the way this game is still being tested. I Want To Know If There Are Problems With GamePlay Only. I have worked on this game for 2 years and I love it.I will definetely fix any Gameplay issues. As the Game begins you are in a town called Greenville which is your home. The first things you do is a big fight where you are rescuing your girlfriend Jenna. And the action takes off from there. You fight your way through Greenville. Battle your way through Bottom....

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10hightech Author

The biggest house here to the North East or top right cannot be entered until after you do the quest from the bank. But the house below it can, which is where you do the quest given to you at the big house. So you can accidentally do (monsterhouse) first. This can't be avoided if you enter the house because you can't leave without completing the house. even though you haven't been given the quest yet. Your characters will refer to the quest. I am sorry. I had to use a tile for the door instead of an event as I had used the free version of VXA and had used up my 10 events by the time I got to this. I had planned for you to do the bank quest, then go to the upper house first , and then to the lower one.

If you do this lower house first There Will Also be Two Versions of the person in the upper house. The one you were to talk to starting the Quest will be standing behind the other one closest to the stairs. Talking to the lower one will ruin the joke I had here. I wont negativelly effect the game but I can't believe I did this. I was so proud of this joke LoL. If you can do it the way I designed and talk to the upper one first...

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