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Final Equinox is a turn based space combat sci-fi role playing game set in a unique and interesting Universe. The player is a newly appointed star ship admiral whose fleet encounters a new enemy in deep space. The game takes place in a complex world filled with multiple different races, in the midst of political upheaval. Rules and feel of the game hark back to the days of old school role-playing games,where combat is difficult and the game forces players into morally compromising situations.

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Sam is the greenest member on your crew. A recent graduate of the academy and a son of an important political figure, Sam spent a few years serving as a navigator on smaller vessels before being placed under your command.

His quick thinking and expert navigational skills will become useful, but his harsh and aggressive personality may be off-putting to some. Sam expresses his beliefs proudly and ridicules and mocks those who disagree with him.

2d, companion, rpg, scifi
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