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Do you like solitaire, poker, or memory games? Then give Family Tree Solitaire a try. If you like genealogy (learning about your family tree), you may enjoy this game even more. Family Tree Solitaire is a single player solitaire-like game, played with a single deck of cards plus two jokers, where the object is to build a family tree and get a high score. Try to beat the computer’s score too. Family extender cards let you grow your family, while divorce and death cards make your choices more difficult. Download the FREE game now and enjoy a game of Family Tree Solitaire. GAMEPLAY (the main rules) -Build a family tree and try to top the 'score to beat’ -Form the best 5-card poker hand for each family (parents + children) -Point values are associated with the best poker hand for each family -You get points for each level of the family tree

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